design e relax for your 4-legged friends

B.pet is a project born of our love for design and for animals, the beginning of an ever-evolving journey.
Our initial focus is on home relaxation for pets, and therefore dog and cat beds.
Pet beds are accessories that we welcome in our homes. They become part of our furniture, whose shapes and textures signal our flair and personality, express our very own lifestyle.
B.pet believes it is crucial to pay that same formal and stylistic attention to accessories designed for our loved pets. This is the reason why we decided to develop a collection whose shapes and textures are suitable for a contemporary and design oriented home.
Shapes range from basics – ring and tube – to the more elaborate wave through the historical and minimalist lines of squared to finally explode in the many-coloured and see-through materials of bubble.
Materials refer to a formal style with the use of a contemporary selection of woods, steel, fabrics of sophisticated threads and colours and wear-resistant leathers; plastics allow for a further choice in colours and see-through elements for a more light-hearted pop look.


QUALITY made in italy

Careful and sophisticated design, excellent craftsmanship, top quality materials, great attention to every detail are the evidence of the B.pet products being Made in Italy.
B.pet is also available for customized productions.