THE PROJECT / Our constant attention to the evolution of fashion, style and design, assisted by the continuous collaboration with the most accomplished architects in the design sector, enables us to keep pace with the times and, often, to anticipate them.
MATERIALS / Quality and functionality are the only parameters which we consider in the choice of materials: the result is an unexceptionable product from all points of view.
THE CUT / The cut is entrusted to the capable hands of our expert upholsterers who can mold and shape quality fabrics with the professionalism and expertise of an outstanding tailor.
The combination of the avant-garde technologies and love for traditional craftsmanship is considered the strongest point of our production: the results are competitive products of the highest quality.
THE FINISHING /The attention to detail and tight controls of each stage of production, clearly reveals in impeccable finishes, further confirmation of a quality standard difficult to achieve.


We believe in taste, fashion and design, in that particular Italian touch, so appreciated in the world. We believe in careful attention to the handcraft, in innovative and futuristic shape, in technical advances in fabrics and structures. We believe in decades of experience of our best furniture artisans. We believe all this will result in that unique piece, of which you will be pleased for a long time.